Sérgio A. Kopplin picture

Sérgio A. Kopplin

Software Engineer
Barueri-SP, Brazil

Violet theme
inspired on Ju Gonçalves

Music Student and Software Engineer. Passionate about Kusudamas, Speed Cubing, Wooden Puzzles, Factorio, Discipleship and my Fiancée Ignatti's.

Always looking for new challenges. Member of the Presbiterian Church.

Study Interests
- Open Web, mostly JS.
- React.js addicted.
- Jekyll and Static Generators.
- CSS.
- Github and open-source.
- English as second language.
- Music.

- Indigo Jekyll Template.
- Violet Jekyll Template.
- Carmesim Sublime Theme.
- Chartreuse ZSH Theme.
- Gloom Chrome Theme.
- React Universally contributor.
- another todo-mvc example.